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WordPress Integration Guide

Step-by-step guide to integrating ChatFlow with WordPress websites

Welcome to the WordPress Integration Guide for ChatFlow! In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of integrating ChatFlow with your WordPress website. Assuming you've already set up your chatbot and obtained the script from the publish tab, let's get started with the integration.

Step 1: Accessing WordPress Dashboard

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.

Step 2: Adding ChatFlow Script

  1. Navigate to the "Appearance" section in the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Click on "Theme Editor" to access the theme files.
  3. Choose the theme where you want to add the ChatFlow script.
  4. In the theme editor, locate the "footer.php" file.
  5. Paste the ChatFlow script just before the closing "body" tag.
  6. Click on the "Update File" button to save your changes.

Step 3: Verifying Integration

  1. After adding the script, visit your live WordPress website.
  2. Verify that the ChatFlow widget is appearing correctly on your website.

Congratulations! You've successfully integrated ChatFlow with your WordPress website. Your chatbot is now ready to engage with visitors and provide assistance in real-time. If you encounter any issues during the integration process, feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance.

Stay tuned for more integration guides covering other CMS platforms!