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ChatFlow Evolution Timeline

A journey through our updates and a glimpse into the future.

Current Version

  • Full Customization and Training
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Website Integration
  • Hosted chatbot Links
  • Customizable Chatbot Workflows
  • Multi-Language Support

Upcoming Features


Ticketing System (6 months post-launch)

Integrated ticketing system for efficient issue tracking and resolution.


WhatsApp Integration (9 months post-launch)

Integration with WhatsApp for expanded communication channels.


Facebook Messenger Integration (9 months post-launch)

Extend support capabilities to Facebook Messenger.

Future Feature Considerations


Dashboard Cards Enhancement

Enhanced, customizable dashboard cards for tailored analytics.


Multilingual Support

Support in multiple languages to cater to a global customer base.


AI-Powered Customer Insights

Deeper customer insights and predictive support through advanced AI.

Past Versions

Version 1:

  • Initial launch with core AI chatbot capabilities
  • Support for both mobile and desktop platforms