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WhatsApp Integration Guide

Step-by-step guide to integrating WhatsApp with ChatFlow.

Step 1: Getting Started with WhatsApp Integration

1. Sign in to ChatFlow and Create Your Bot:

  • Make sure you have access to your ChatFlow account.
  • Set up your chatbot by training on the links on your website, Documents, Text files, PDFs (FAQs) Coming soon.

2. Find the WhatsApp Integration Option:

  • Navigate to your chatbot menu.
  • Click on the "Integrations" tab.
  • Select "Add to WhatsApp" to initiate the integration process.
  • Follow the displayed steps to connect your WhatsApp business account to ChatFlow.

Step 2: Setting Up Meta (Facebook) Business Account and App

1. Create a Meta (Facebook) Business Account:

  • Visit here.
  • Enter your business name, your name, and work email address. Click "Next".
  • Provide your business details and click "Submit".
facebook business

2. Create a New Meta (Facebook) App:

facebook developer getting started
  • Select "My Apps".
facebook business
  • Click "Create App".
facebook developer create app
  • Choose User Case: "Other" and click "Next".
facebook developer choose other
  • Choose App Type: "Business" and click "Next".
facebook developer choose app type as business
  • Provide app details: App Name, App Contact Email, Business Account (Optional), and click "Create app".
facebook dev complete create app

Step 3: Setting Up Meta (Facebook) App for WhatsApp Integration

1. Add WhatsApp to your Meta (Facebook) App:

  • In the "Developers Dashboard", choose your app.
  • Locate "Add products to your app" in your app's dashboard tab.
facebook dev add product to your app
  • Choose "WhatsApp" for setup.
facebook dev choose whatsapp as product

2. Configure App Settings:

  • Select your Meta (Facebook) Business Account (if not selected in step 2).
  • Navigate to App settings > Basic from the sidebar.
facebook dev click on app settings basic
  • Set the Privacy Policy URL to
facebook dev click change privacy policy to
  • Save changes.
  • Set App Mode to Live.
facebook dev click change privacy policy to

Step4: Generate WhatsApp Token

1. Create a "System User":

  • Visit the Meta Business Suite.
  • Find your business account in the top-left dropdown menu and click its Settings (gear) icon.
  • Click Business Settings.
  • Go to Users > System users.
  • Add an Admin system user.

2. Add Assets:

  • After creating the system user, click on Add Assets.
  • Navigate to Apps > "Your app name".
  • Select your app and grant full control to manage the app.

3. Generate System User Access Tokens:

  • Click the Generate New Token button on the system user.
  • Choose the app that will use the token and set the token expiration to never.
  • Select "whatsapp_business_messaging" and "whatsapp_business_management" permissions.
  • Generate the token.
  • Copy the access token and store it securely.

4. Add a new Business Number for WhatsApp:

  • You can use your own business number or utilize the provided test number for your WhatsApp chatbot.
  • In WhatsApp Developer Dashboard, navigate to WhatsApp > API Setup from the sidebar.
  • Proceed to "Step 5: Add a Phone Number," click Add phone number.
  • Provide details required in the following form.
  • Verify your number using the received code.
  • Once successfully added, select your phone number in Step 1 of API Setup

5. Add a Payment Method:

  • To send messages via WhatsApp, you need a valid payment method. Visit here for details.
  • After adding your business phone number, click "Add payment method" to address the "Missing valid payment method" alert.

6. Test your new Business Number for WhatsApp:

  • Return to WhatsApp Developer Dashboard, navigate to API Setup > Step 1.
  • Enter a testing "To" number.
  • Click "Send message" to verify successful message delivery.

Step 5: Configure WhatsApp API Webhook settings

1. Verify WhatsApp Webhook Callback:

  • In WhatsApp Developer Dashboard, navigate to Configuration.
  • Under Webhook, click edit.
  • Copy the Callback URL and Verification Token from ChatFlow WhatsApp Integration modal to your WhatsApp Developer Dashboard.
  • Click Verify and save.

2. Configure Webhook Subscription Field:

  • Under "Webhook Fields," click Manage.
  • Find the "messages" field and subscribe to it by checking the box.
  • Return to ChatFlow and click Next.

Step 6: Add WhatsApp Account to your ChatFlow Chatbot

1. Retrieve WhatsApp Account Information:

  • In WhatsApp Developer Dashboard, navigate to App Settings > Basic.
  • Copy App secret and paste it in ChatFlow integration modal in Facebook App Secret.
  • Paste the permanent access token generated from Step 4.3 in ChatFlow integration modal in WhatsApp Access Token.
  • Copy your Phone Number, Phone Number ID, and WhatsApp Business Account ID into the ChatFlow WhatsApp Integration modal.
  • Click "Save" to complete the integration process.

Step 7: Confirm Integration Completion

Congratulations! Your chatbot is now ready to assist clients via your WhatsApp number. You can enable, disable, edit, or delete your WhatsApp integration settings as needed.

Note: This guide outlines the WhatsApp Integration capabilities within ChatFlow, offering valuable insights into its implementation and usage scenarios. For comprehensive details regarding ChatFlow's features and operations, please consult the official ChatFlow documentation. Please note that this integration feature is currently available to both Pro and Enterprise users.

Additionally, it's important to highlight that WhatsApp imposes charges for messages exceeding the 1,000 free monthly limit. Please be aware that ChatFlow is not liable for any charges incurred beyond this limit."